A Study of the Route 11 Corridor in the Canton-Potsdam area of St. Lawrence County was initiated by the NYSDOT in the fall of 2014.  The primary objective of the Study is to generate options for improvements to the existing highway transportation system.  This will include such things as bypasses for through traffic that also improve the quality of life in village centers, and improving highway safety and traffic efficiency in the study corridor.  The Study is scheduled to be completed in September 2015.

A project team consisting of planners and engineers from NYSDOT and consulting firm HDR, Inc., and community representatives serving as a Stakeholders Advisory Committee (SAC), will oversee the Study.  YESeleven is one of  21 groups and individuals on the SAC.  The role of  SAC members is to provide input and assistance during the development of project alternatives, and to serve as liaisons between the community and the project team.
YESeleven feels this Study is of immense importance to the future well-being of the local area.  To a large extent, the future pattern of development in the Canton-Potsdam community will be dictated by the results of the Study and the future highway transportation improvements and projects that will be based upon it.  It is likely that the Study will also set the tone for how the NYSDOT addresses future improvements in and around other communities such as Gouverneur and Malone.  In order to maximize community participation in the project, YESeleven has proposed that the SAC conduct a community survey as a means of involving local citizens in the Study. YESeleven will alert its constituents as new information on the Study and the proposed community survey becomes available.
The link below is to the Study website.
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