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YESeleven is a group of local citizens who organized in 2011 over concerns that highway transportation needs in northern New York State were not being met and priorities were badly misplaced. We believe that US Route 11, which is the primary east-west highway across our region, is in critical need of improvements to make it safer and more efficient and to improve the communities within its corridor. We further believe that a new interstate highway across our region, which had been aggressively promoted by some local politicians and lobbyists, is not an economically viable or environmentally sound idea. Our beliefs have been influenced by past highway transportation studies conducted by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), and by the shared observations of people who live and work within our region.
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A Study of the Route 11 Corridor in the Canton-Potsdam area of St. Lawrence County was initiated by the NYSDOT in the fall of 2014.  The primary objective of the Study is to generate options for improvements to the existing highway transportation system.  This will include such things as bypasses for through traffic that also improve the quality of life in village centers, and improving highway safety and traffic efficiency in the study corridor.  The Study is scheduled to be completed in September 2015.
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Open Letter to Citizens and Officials

513 Miner Street Road
Canton, NY 13617

TO:  St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators and elected town and village officials in Canton and Potsdam
DATE:  February 16, 2015
RE:    Biting the hand that feeds you
YESeleven is an advocacy group for the upgrade and improvement of Route 11.  We feel it is essential that real solutions to our local transportation problems be developed, solutions that work for our communities now and in the future.  Last week a controversy developed over a study being undertaken by the State DOT.  Perhaps you read about it in the local news last week --- harsh criticism directed at the DOT over a draft Technical Memorandum.  The Memorandum was not favorable toward the feasibility of constructing a four-lane interstate-type highway between Watertown and Plattsburgh, which has outraged a few supporters of the long-debated and controversial Rooftop Highway.  Here's the link to the news article in case you missed it.

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John Danis & John Casserly
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